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Look here. We are so excited! Here we are on the turning point between the inward directed exploration and polishing and the outward “level up” sharing of the work. \o/ Come play with us!

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You can order us now! Screenshot of listing on Amazon.


Triarchy Press, our publisher, posted this description of the book:

Most of the significant change that’s happening in the world, usually ‘under the radar,’ is not the result of structured innovation in blue-chip companies. It’s a function of massively enthusiastic people, in love with what they’re doing, working with the marbles of ‘social technology’ and ‘social flows’ to shift impossibly large rocks. Jean Russell and Herman Wagner are immersed in that world of nudge and reframing, social protocols, and culture hacking. They share their experience and case studies from dozens of colleagues in this invaluable book. The Introduction explains the theory of social flows, how to spot them, and how they work in practice. It also introduces ways to get involved in designing, structuring, and influencing social flows. Part 1: Understanding Social Flows describes the characteristics we need to understand in order to see why social flows are so important and how to cultivate them. Part 1 also introduces topics, such as: Flow Interactions seen as a Network, Trust, How to Outperform Hierarchy, Social Technology, Ecosystems, Boundaries, Leadership, Organizational Complexity, and Prototyping. Part 2: (Re)Creating Social Flow breaks down Social Flows into a process with four key stages. Part 3: Bringing Social Flows into Form. And, finally, Part 4: Learning Flows considers issues like cultivating flows, feedback, and harvesting.

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You can also order direct from our publisher, Triarchy Press. See their other great titles.