Christelle Van Ham

Christelle Van Ham

Christelle Van Ham

Impact Assessment of Flows

Since November 2009, Christelle Van Ham has been working with social entrepreneurs, foundations, corporations and public institutions to advance the field of social impact valuation and to support innovative partnerships that create societal value, limit value destruction and invent new paradigms for social change. She is the co-founder of EEXIST, a group of pioneering social impact explorers in France who try to develop new tools, methodologies on social change and social value creation. Well-versed in theories and methodologies from around the world, she facilitates the collaborative construction of value creation frameworks and realistic action plans for action and social impact evaluation that all stakeholders can own and implement.

Past Positions

Before setting up her own venture, Christelle worked with Ashoka in the United States, in France and in Switzerland. Her various roles included:

    • The search and selection of leading social entrepreneurs based on innovation and social impact criteria, in the United States and in France;
    • The launch of Ashoka in France, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands;
    • The design of a new global human resources strategy.


Co-author, OCDE Publication – F ostering Innovation to address Social Challenges ( Nov 2009)
The Social Entrepreneurs’ Guide, Thibault Lescuyer – Chapter 5 (Addressing Social Impact), Editions Maison de L’Echiquier (September 2013)