Sofia Bustamante

Sofia Bustamante

Sofia Bustamante

Interview: Sofia Bustamante and Mamading Ceesay on London Creative Labs


Sofia is a serial social entrepreneur, a Master Coach and Facilitator,  a practitioner of aikido, the Japanese martial art, a trainer in the Art of Conversation and speaker on mindset change.

Social Innovation is at the core of her work. Her vision is of healthy communities and she sees her role as contributing to their creation.

She is Founder of London Creative Labs, Raising Your Game, and The Listening Movement.

Through London Creative Labs, together with her co-founder Mamading Ceesay, she offers innovation for ecosystems or system-entrepreneurship.

Through Raising Your Game, She helps people to overcome “state addictions”: deeply rooted habits of the mind, in a spectrum ranging from low-level but chronic, depression and anxiety all the way to helping people to achieve mastery in high-performance high-chaos contexts.

Though The Listening Movement she addresses the need to connect across divides. By placing a focus on empathic listening, in the Listening Cafes, she offers communities a direct experience of a safer world, one conversation at a time.

Sofia’s own innovations:

Social Start-up Labs, Skills Camps. Evolution Lounge, The Listening Cafe, The Mindset Bootcamp.

She use a variety of different processes, depending on context.

Deep Democracy, Coaching, Meaningful Careers, Emotional Freedom Technique, The Work of Byron Katie (CBT), Open Space, Conflict Resolution, Storytelling Workshops, World Cafe, Future Search, Dotmocracy, Confluence, Decisioning, Pervasive Games, Scenarios, Presencing, U-Process and principles of Aikido.

She loves the Blues, dancing to samba music and Beat poetry.