Mamading Ceesay

Mamading Ceesay

Mamading Ceesay

Interview: Sofia Bustamante and Mamading Ceesay on London Creative Labs


Mamading is a neo-generalist with a strong technical bent. Innovative problem solver, big picture thinker. Entrepreneurial.  Prosocial.  Pragmatic. Experienced in software development & system administration.  Likes command lines & text editors.

Active interest in using technology to enable positive social change.  Has explored a range of political, economic and social models that today’s networks make possible.

Versatile and entrepreneurial technologist with experience across the software development lifecycle from development to operations to support. Has worked in organisations ranging from FTSE 100 corporations to bootstrapped home-based startups.

Has been responsible for financial trading systems handling millions of pounds in stocks and cash per day.  Has done web operations for the Glastonbury Festival dealing with the massive demand when tickets are released for Glastonbury.

Co-founded London Creative Labs and Raising Your Game.

Always keen to learn & engage. Enjoys finding new tools and practices for tackling challenges faced by organisations. Ready, willing & able to contribute to a collaborative team environment with robust practices.
Twitter: @evangineer