Mark Finnern

Mark Finnern

Mark Finnern

Engaging Top Community Influencers

“Any sufficiently advanced work is indistinguishable from play.” – Seb Paquet


Mark Finnern implements ideas by playfully tapping into community passion.

Recently Mark Finnern founded Playful Enterprise a boutique consultancy where he brings his “magic” social technology for community to organizations ready to engage their enterprise tribes.

As SAP Chief Community Evangelist he developed and ran the SAP Mentor Initiative. The SAP Mentors are the top ~ 150 community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem of ~3 million members. At the 10 year anniversary, the community voted him as the “real founder” of SAP Community Network for his Don Finleone performance.

Since 2003, Mark has hosted the Future Salon he founded, a get together of a group of eclectic change makers curious about a world that works for all. At TEDx he shared his 5 ideas on how to bring our schools into the 21st century.

Mark also initiated Sandwich and Play, a weekly informal play time of families in the San Mateo Highlands. He also founded and led the San Mateo Highlands Renegade Marching Band to two consecutive best of 4th of July parade wins.


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