Daniel Mezick

Dan Mezick

Dan Mezick

Crafting Social Protocols

I am a management consultant, author and keynote speaker. I bring expertise on teams & team learning. I teach specific techniques that help your organization quickly become much more adaptive.

You can learn more about me, and reach me, at: www.DanielMezick.com.

The Pace of Change

The pace of change is creating serious business opportunities and risks for your organization every single day. Rapid org learning (“team learning”) is essential for responding well to these risks and opportunities. The primary way to increase team learning is by encouraging self-management in self-organizing teams. I provide consulting and training in specific techniques (such as www.OpenSpaceAgility.com) that foster self-management and high performance across your enterprise.

Previous and current clients include the US Navy, CIGNA, Travelers Insurance, Bank of America, The State of Connecticut, The American Society of Composers, Artists and Publishers (ASCAP.com) ….and dozens of smaller organizations.


My book THE CULTURE GAME (www.TheCultureGame.com) explains sixteen powerful learning practices & provides a proven means of socializing them throughout your organization.

In 2013 I described OpenSpace Agility at the Global Scrum Gathering keynote in Paris France. You can learn more at www.OpenSpaceAgility.com.

The capability to routinely and rationally respond to change represents an unbeatable business advantage. It takes time to develop the capacity and do it well. It is shaped by the cultural context.

Your culture is the essential pivot.

I am interested in working with highly progressive organizations who are interested in developing unbeatable business advantages, by leveraging the specific techniques that I teach.

If you want to discuss how to create a culture of agility in your organization, you can contact me by phone at 203 915 7248, by email at dan@newtechusa.net, and on Twitter via @DanielMezick.