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From Hierarchy to Wirearchy

Designing Flows for Networks of Purposeful People by Jon Husband The question of “designing flows” is pertinent today because the reality of living and working in a  networked world is catching up with us.  This new reality is catching up with us because being connected and increasingly dependent upon flows of useful information is having a rapidly growing (and deepening)… Read more →

Impact Assessment of Flows

by Christelle Van Ham The first thing you have to do when you think about assessing impact is to ask why you want to do it, what specifically you expect of that process. There are in general three main reasons why organizations or collectives work on assessing impact. You may want to feed your strategy – assessing impact is a… Read more →

Shrinking Horizons

by Valdis Krebs We are all happy to live in the modern world of massive connectivity.  We can connect to, receive products from, or do business with anyone in the world — distance no longer seems to matter. Shoes from China, beef from Argentina, software from India, wool from Scotland, guitars from Spain, and cartoons from America — they are… Read more →

Interview: Daniel Mezick

Crafting Social Protocols Dan Mezick, I am super excited about your work at the intersection of process and getting things done, rooting both in culture and game design! One of the core elements you talk about and the gaming world identifies is the ability to opt in. It really seems to change the design considerations for social flows and the… Read more →

Culture Memes

By: B. Laszlo Karafiath, PhD My journey into into human Culture begins in communist Hungary where in 1986 I spoke my truth and was as sent to the principal’s office and nearly got expelled. It happened on the 30th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution of ‘56.  Our teacher held a commemorative discussion about the victims of the  “anti-revolution” (since the… Read more →