Mushin Schilling

How to design, so things get done in a group or community in a network?

Mushin Schilling

Mushin Schilling

Spring 2016 the prototyping of Bauintelligenz SAAS will begin in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and the US; I have worked very hard as the co-founder and co-owner of the IP to help start the businesses necessary to turn this into a world-wide success.

January 2014 I joined the top-team of Aytopia Holdings in charge of the development & architecture of “Bookspace”, a participatory platform for readers and writers.

I co-founded Integral Collaboration Service in April 2013 Berlin, Germany to further develop and market a range of services geared to enable, enhance and speed up Generative Organisational Development and Transformation. This enterprise was incorporated into our new company “Entz-v. Zerssen, Caspari & Partners – Coaching & Consulting”

Previously I’ve been Chief Community Host & Web 2.0 developer for Gaiasoft/Gaiaspace, Inc., London. A passionate collaboration ecologist I architected off-line and online environments, guided programmers and designed interfaces.

I have hands-on experience as community builder, coach and group process facilitator for over 3 decades internationally. I’ve been a pioneer of social networking since the first online forums and am a prolific networker.

I’ve authored 3 books on human potential topics and have been a journalist for radio, TV and print media.

I’m also engaged as:
• Member of the Policy Leadership Circle of the Cultural Strategies Initiative, New York
• Adviser for Institute for Spirituality & Sustainability [SISS] at the Fordham University, NY, JAF Stoner Chair of Global Sustainability
• Facilitator and participatory design advisor for GreenWorks NYC, a Green Economy and Workforce Development Initiative with New York Council Member Alan J. Gerson.
• Facilitator with Quinx Coaching Company’s leader development programme

Specialties: Process and Collaboration App. and Web-developer, Social Network Developer, Connector, Collaboration Ecologist, Facilitator, Adviser, Change-Agent, Visionary, Adaptor, Organizer, Twinkling Star 🙂