Our Journey

We met in various cities: London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris, for intense sessions discussing how to make various complex social situations more successful.

We talked about how to get groups to work well together, what interventions were successful, what was needed, and what went wrong. There were drawings on napkins and butcher paper. We had long VOIP calls discussing what we were learning as we went along. Finally, Herman said his successful implementations led to curious questions. People were asking where it was coming from. We agreed to create a book on Social Flows.

We gathered together the individuals inspiring us at the time, asking each to contribute an essay or participate in an interview. We gathered twenty-some together. We hosted a small retreat, reflecting on these projects and perspectives. We ran a series of calls with a broader community discussing these interventions to cultivate more social flow. We polished it all up.


A circus act

The editor said no, the work itself needed to be a flow, growing and spreading over time. It was wrong to make it linear in a book. We pulled back, reflected on what we had, and we pushed forward again, writing 75% of the book anew.

Ah. This is now our home. Yes, there is a book with the key ideas in it. And, the rest can live and breathe here online, non-linear and evolving.

Welcome to Cultivating Social Flows.

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